All the buzz: New observation hive open to the public

17 April 2015

Walpole friends apiary has successfully filled a new observation hive with bees with help from beekeeping mentor, Thomas. The observation hive is now open to the public.

The team had initially taken a hive to the site for a week to settle, and everything ran smoothly. After introducing the bees to the hive it was so full that the team only put half of them into the hive while the other half were placed in the apiary to create another colony.

Six frames (of the 11 that are in a normal hive) have been put into the observation hive and five frames have been moved with the hive to the apiary.  We gave the observation hive bees two clean, fresh frames of foundation wax and they have already started to draw it out into comb for the queen to lay eggs.

The observation hive is funded by Walpole friends selling their beeswax skin lotions, Heathrow Communities Together and by the Walpole Ward Forum. Walpole park is grateful to its sponsors for their contributions which mean that this fantastic amenity can be enjoyed by the public.

The observation beehive can be viewed Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm.