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Get creative and connect by joining our monthly art challenge!

Our theme for this month is SELF PORTRAIT.

Changing self image. We have all spent a lot of time recently in our own space, both physically and mentally. Within our community we have such huge diversity and disparity in what we have, who we are and the items we hold dear. For this task we will be reflecting on changing self image, reflecting both the internal dialogue and who we present to the world. Inspired by this self reflection, we are inviting you to join us in creating a self portrait with a difference. Think 3D Collage!

“The tool of every self-portrait is the mirror. You see yourself in it. Turn it the other way, and you see the world.”

Agnes Varda

Materials needed:

  • things found around your home
  • items of personal value to you

What to do

Find a clear and blank space on the floor/bed to act as your canvas. Think big!

  1. Spend some time gathering items from around your home that you’d like to include in your self portrait. This may be your favourite jumper, shoes, a pair of sunglasses; items of importance to you. You may want to consider items that have similar colouring to your features.
  2. It is easiest to start with a basic head shape, and then move on to hair/beard/eyebrows etc.
  3. Next step is to add your facial features. (Top Tip – your eyes are usually half way between the top of your head and your chin).
  4. Once you have your basics in place, start to see where you can place items to help build texture to your self portrait. For example, if you have a small trinket box that you would like to include, perhaps this could go into your hair or as the pupil of your eye.
  5. Once you are happy with your self portrait, take a photograph and add it to social media / print it and look at it for a while. Feel gratitude for the different items that have personal value to you that are included in your self portrait, and that ultimately make up a part of who you are, your beliefs and values. 

Top Tip:

Be inspired by looking up alternative self portraits. Artists you could take inspiration from: 

Giuseppe Arcimboldo uses fruit to create portraits.

Freya Jobins creates sculptural figures using a collection of discarded children’s dolls.

Share your work on social media

Share your work on social media #WelcomeCreate #LearnWithPitzhanger @Pitzhanger or email to add it to our Welcome Create Gallery.

Art challenge created by Georgia Wilmot @georgiathought organised and facilitated by Sarah Olive Edwards @sarahtonin_seeker and Tincy Patel @art.tee5

This resource replaces this month’s Welcome Create Studio session. Find out more about Welcome create:



24 Mar 2020
to 26 May 2020

Welcome Create Studio

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Welcome Create Studio

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