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Discover the artistic duo behind an emotionally charged exhibition blending sculpture, photography, and more. Learn what makes their work unmissable.

Meet the Artists: Idris Khan & Annie Morris

Idris Khan and Annie Morris are not just life partners; they are trailblazers in contemporary British art.

Idris, born in Birmingham in 1978 to a British Muslim Pakistani family, is a celebrated figure honoured with an OBE in 2017 for his contributions to art. With a focus on photography and time as physical constructs, his works are rooted in his complex heritage and family history.

Annie, also born in 1978, creates art that, at first glance, seems cheerful and lively. However, her art delves deep, representing a personal quest for order amid grief and disappointment. Whether through sculpture, painting, or tapestry, Morris showcases the resilience of the human spirit with a vibrant palette.

Artistic Language: Themes and Forms

Idris questions the nature of time and experience by employing physical layering in his work, such as images or musical scores, to create an abstract and unintelligible yet captivating pattern. His work is a tribute to the creators of culture, capturing the essence of time, memory, and spirituality. 

Annie, on the other hand, employs a plethora of materials and media to explore the subconscious mind. Her tapestry works are particularly striking, with fragile sketched lines meticulously sewn into the fabric, resembling a mind map in their quest to organise information visually. 

The Exhibition: A Symphony of Emotion and Time

The upcoming exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, titled Idris Khan & Annie Morris: When Loss Makes Melodies, is set to be an emotionally stirring journey. Showcasing over thirty works, the exhibition weaves seamlessly through the Gallery and the neo-classical architecture of the Manor. The art forms range from sculpture and photography to painting and embroidery, each contributing to a poignant narrative about human emotion, memory, and time.

One of the exhibition’s standout elements is the synchronicity between the artists. Annie’s colourful artistic language has influenced Idris’ palette, revealing how their individual practices subtly inspire each other. Annie’s Stack sculptures are vibrant but deeply emotional, a testament to personal loss and resilience. Idris’ works, like My Mother (2015), explore the intricacies of cultural memory and personal history through abstract forms.

The Beginning by Idris Khan, 2016. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Thomas Schulte, photo by Sergio Belinchon

What to Expect: More than Just Art on the Walls

The exhibit promises an immersive experience. Expect to find Annie’s bespoke armchairs and bed linens furnishing Soane’s upper drawing room and bedroom. Meanwhile, Idris’ vinyl overlays will grace the Manor’s conservatory windows. These modern touches blend perfectly with Soane’s vision of the Manor as a haven of architectural and familial harmony.

The Connection: Contemporary Meets Neo-Classical

At its core, this exhibition studies the timeless link between contemporary and neo-classical art. It is more than just a showcase of individual artistic brilliance. It explores how two different artists, bound by their personal and professional lives, can come together to offer a unified yet complex narrative on memory, emotion, and creative expression.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this captivating blend of emotion and architecture in Idris Khan & Annie Morris: When Loss Makes Melodies, from 4 October 2023 to 7 January 2024 at Pitzhanger.

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Idris Khan, The Beginning, 2016 © Installation view from ‘Rhythms’, 2016, Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Courtesy the artist and Galerie Thomas Schulte. Photographer: Sergio Belinchon.


4 Oct 2023
to 7 Jan 2024

Idris Khan & Annie Morris: When Loss Makes Melodies

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