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Discover October’s eclectic mix of events at Pitzhanger, delving into artistic workshops and exclusive exhibitions.

October at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery is a celebration of creativity, history, and collective memory. The air is buzzing with anticipation as we prepare to unveil our emotionally charged exhibition, Idris Khan & Annie Morris: When Loss Makes Melodies on Wednesday 4 October. This exhibition promises a harmonious dialogue between modern reflections and the Manor’s neo-classical essence. Continue reading to unearth the wealth of engaging activities, workshops, and enlightening experiences awaiting your presence this October!

At a Glance

Sunday 1 OctoberOpen Sunday: Black History Month Storytelling & Art Workshop
Wednesday 4 OctoberMini Makers
Sunday 8 OctoberOpen Sunday: Art Workshop with Judy Preece
Tuesday 10 OctoberMembers’ View: Idris Khan & Annie Morris
Friday 13 OctoberMini Makers
Sunday 15 OctoberOpen Sunday: Nature’s Architects — Reintroducing Beavers to Ealing Workshop
Friday 20 OctoberMini Makers
Thursday 19 OctoberPitzhanger Late: The Gardening Drawing Club
Sunday 22 OctoberOpen Sunday: Kongtinue — Hong Kong Cultural Fun Day
Thursday 26 OctoberPitzhanger Late: Patch, Darn and Natter
Friday 27 OctoberMini Makers – Autumn Half-Term Edition
Saturday 28 OctoberBritish Sign Language Tour
Sunday 29 OctoberOpen Sunday: Halloween: Spooky Puppets

Seasonal Exploration and Art: Mini Makers’ October Odyssey

The air is filled with artistic excitement as Mini Makers returns to Pitzhanger this October! Tailored for children aged 6 months to 5 years, these sessions unveil a canvas of autumn-inspired, child-led activities curated by Antoine Genevier, blending sensory play with creative building and painting.

On Friday 27 October, a special Half Term Edition welcomes children up to 8 years, elevating the festive spirit!

The profound popularity of Mini Makers beckons early ticket acquisition to ensure participation. Dive into this world of unbounded creativity and reap the added benefits of 20% discounts at Pitzhanger Pantry and a free pass to the enriching realms of Pitzhanger!

Mini Makers
DateWednesday 4, Friday 13 & Wednesday 20 October 2023
Time10.00am – 2.00pm
Ticket£5 Standard / £1 Concessions / Members: 1-2 FREE sessions/month
Mini Makers – Autumn Half-Term Edition
DateFriday 27 October 2023
Time10.00am – 12.00nn
12.00nn – 2.00pm
Ticket£5 Standard / £1 Concessions / Members: 1-2 FREE sessions/month

Elegance & Ecology: Pitzhanger Late’s Gardening Drawing Club

Embark on a serene artistic journey with Pitzhanger Late every Thursday, featuring complimentary admission from 5.00pm – 8.00pm, allowing visitors to absorb Pitzhanger Manor’s historical charm and eclectic exhibitions.

On Thursday 19 October, join the enriching ‘Gardening Drawing Club’ led by artist Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck, exploring the aesthetics of Ikebana(いけばな), the Japanese art of flower arranging. Dive into life drawings and paintings inspired by the fresh blossoms from Pitzhanger’s gardens and relish organic herbal teas. Johanna, an advanced Ohara Ikebana (小原流) student, instils a holistic approach, integrating arts and horticulture for individual and community well-being, reflected in her multifaceted artistic practice.

Pitzhanger Late: The Gardening Drawing Club
DateThursday 19 October 2023
Time6.00pm – 8.00pm
TicketFree, ticketed

Sustainable Threads: A Night of Mending with Ealing Repair Café

Journey into sustainable fashion with Pitzhanger Late on Thursday 26 October, as we partner with Ealing Repair Café for a unique, eco-conscious experience. Stitch, don’t ditch, and bring your wear and tear to life again with hands-on guidance on mending and alterations from enthusiastic volunteers. Learn the art of patching and darning, embracing longevity over disposability in fashion, contributing to a circular economy and stepping away from fleeting trends.

Pitzhanger Late: Patch, Darn and Natter
DateThursday 26 October 2023
Time6.00 pm – 8.00 pm
TicketFree, drop-in

Harvest of Creativity: October Open Sundays

October’s Open Sundays are a gateway to a trove of artistic and cultural exploration, offering free admission to Ealing Borough Residents every Sunday morning. Discover the convergence of history, art, and community with the enriching array of workshops, performances, and storytelling sessions.

A not-to-miss date is 22 October, when the front garden of Pitzhanger transforms into a vibrant festival of game booths, merchant stalls, and interactive art workshops, organised by Kongtinue, fostering a sense of unity and cultural exchange.

Whether you’re delving into the magical re-tellings of West African folk tales or crafting spooky Halloween puppets, there’s a boundless array of creativity waiting every Sunday. Please note, kids from out-of-borough are welcomed free with a paying adult, and all are encouraged to arrive early to experience the full palette of activities and avoid the early crowding.

Open Sunday
DateSundays 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 October 2023
Time10.00am – 12.30pm
TicketFree for Ealing Residents / Kids free with paying out-of-borough adult

Unspoken Heritage: British Sign Language Tour at Pitzhanger Manor

Experience the unspoken elegance of Pitzhanger Manor with our British Sign Language Tour on 28 October, guided by the respected Alan D Murray MBE. Uncover the architectural brilliance of Sir John Soane and the manor’s rejuvenating restoration journey through the expressive medium of sign language. Alan’s lifelong passion for the arts and his dedication to inclusivity bring a wealth of knowledge and accessibility to the deaf BSL-using community, unveiling Pitzhanger’s heritage in a new light.

British Sign Language Tour
DateSaturday 28 October 2023
Time11.00am – 12.00nn
TicketFree, ticketed

Melodic Narratives: Members’ Exclusive Tour of Idris and Annie’s exhibition

Experience the unique resonance of Idris Khan & Annie Morris: When Loss Makes Melodies at our Members’ exclusive view on 10 October. Clare Gough and Louise Shorr will guide you through this enthralling exhibition’s captivating intersections of memory, emotion, and creative expression.

If you are not a member, now is your golden opportunity to join our eclectic community, enjoying a suite of exclusive perks, event invitations, and discounts.

For our members, this is your moment to get to know fellow art lovers, discovering the hidden symphonies of Pitzhanger’s neo-classical essence over a fine glass of wine.

Members’ View: Idris Khan & Annie Morris
DateTuesday 10 October 2023
Time6.30pm – 8.00pm
Ticket£9 Members / £14 Guest of Members

Don’t miss your chance to experience the vibrancy and creation at Pitzhanger! Secure your tickets in advance for our dynamic events and exhibitions, and witness the transformative power of creativity before Magnum Photos: Where Ideas Are Born closes on 29 October.

Stay tuned for our Autumn Half Term Holiday activities, promising delightful experiences for children and families from 21 to 29 October.

Explore, enjoy and immerse in a world where art and ideas converge!


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