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Manor Exhibition

Sinta Tantra: The Lightclub of Batavia

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Manor Exhibition

Sinta Tantra: The Lightclub of Batavia

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“A beautiful ambience in dialogue with the drama of the space.”



In display across the historic Pitzhanger Manor, Sinta Tantra: The Lightclub of Batavia offers a visually striking journey. As the latest in the series of Pitzhanger’s Artists at Home displays across Sir John Soane’s Manor, Tantra’s geometric paintings and sculptures resonate with Soane’s architecture. Her works, often described as ‘painting on an architectural scale’, employ vibrant forms and bold colours which set up a dialogue with the neo-classical elegance of the Manor.

The exhibition showcases a combination of new and existing works by Tantra, featuring iridescent gold and Prussian blue paintings that adorn the Manor’s walls and platforms, complemented by brass sculptures. These pieces, shimmering in the changing light of the day and changing seasons, offer a unique sensory experience similar to that achieved by Soane’s use of stained glass in the Manor. Tantra’s particular interest in Soane’s architecture is reflected in the way her artworks interact with and enhance the space. Included in this exhibition are six new works from her miniature painting series, whose geometric compositions resonate with Soane’s design of Pitzhanger Manor’s Library, where they are thoughtfully displayed.

“Infusing the light-filled rooms with a slice of Balinese moonlight.”


Inspired by Paul Scheerbart’s The Light Club of Batavia (1912), from which the exhibition takes its name, Tantra’s compositions explore themes of light, wealth, and the duality of beauty and colonialism. Gold, central to her exhibition, symbolises energy, vanity, and extraction, highlighting Tantra’s fascination with its historical and cultural significance. Additionally, personal touches are woven into her work; silhouettes within her pieces are traced from sketches made in the tropical valley near her family’s home in Ubud, Bali, adding a layer of personal narrative to the exhibition.

Tantra’s exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor not only complements the historical context of Pitzhanger but also injects a contemporary vibrancy, redefining the viewer’s perception of space and history.


Opens Wednesday 24 January 2024


Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery
Ealing Green, London W5 5EQ


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Guided Tour with Pitzhanger Curatorial Team

Thursday 1 February, 6.00pm

Artist’s Talk — Sinta Tantra in conversation with Jennifer Scott

Friday 15 March 2024, 6.00pm

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