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Anthony Caro: The Inspiration of Architecture


8 March – 10 September 2023

Anthony Caro: The Inspiration of Architecture


8 March – 10 September 2023

Anthony Caro: The Inspiration of Architecture

“There is something radical, strange and enigmatic about [Caro’s] heavy works, and in the setting of architect Sir John Soane’s Pitzhanger Manor in west London, they simultaneously shine, intrigue and bear down on the building.”

Edwin Heathcote
Financial Times


Anthony Caro (1924–2013), widely regarded as one of the 20th century’s most influential sculptors, is the subject of Pitzhanger’s spring exhibition, opening on what would have been his 99th birthday.

Caro and assistant Patrick Cunningham working on Night Movements (1987-1990). ©The Anthony Caro Centre

Caro heralded a revolution in sculpture in the 1960s, redefining what sculpture was and what it could be. His abstract constructions in painted steel overturned conventional ideas about materials, methods, surface, scale and space. Architecture was an important source of his inspiration, which he described as “perhaps the purest abstract visual form.”   

The exhibition will focus on the resurgence and development of architectural themes within Caro’s sculpture, comprising 16 key works created between 1983–2013. The pieces explore contained space and its relation to the human figure; architectural features such as passages, doors and steps in the form of sculpture; the use of specific materials – notably Caro’s use of coloured Perspex, which echoes Soane’s use of stained glass, as well as steel, wood, concrete, stoneware and brass; and the relationship between exterior and interior areas. 

“This exhibition develops a fertile dialogue between Caro’s sculpture and the unique character of Soane’s building.”

Paul Moorhouse
Curator, Chief Executive of the Anthony Caro Centre

Highlights of the exhibition include The Child’s Tower Room (1983–4), the earliest work on display which breaches the boundaries between sculpture and architecture with spiral steps and hidden chambers, which children will be invited to explore within the exhibition. Autumn Rhapsody (2012–13) reveals Caro, at the end of his life, continuing to develop the language of sculpture with concealed, enclosed spaces that the viewer glimpses through surrounding walls of transparent Perspex. The exhibition’s climax is formed by four large works in which he explored the transition from one place to another. A room devoted to small-scale sculptures will demonstrate the intimate nature of Caro’s architectural language.

“Wild — and children are loving it to bits”

Michael Glover


8 March – 10 September 2023


Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery
Ealing Green, London W5 5EQ


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Anthony Caro: The Inspiration of Architecture Exhibition Catalogue

The definitive accompaniment to the exhibition.

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Anthony Caro Monograph

A landmark monograph on the pioneering artist, published by Phaidon Press.

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Giant Game of Sculpture

A concertina board book encourages children to their own two-metre long work of art by simply popping out pieces of card from the book.

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Press Coverage

“It’s impressive to have the opportunity to clamber over one of Caro’s works.”

Tabish Khan
Culture Whisper

“Caro’s large-scale abstract sculptures make a surprisingly neat fit with Sir John Soane’s extraordinary and patently eccentric Georgian manor house.”

The Independent

“The exhibition allows visitors to consider space, scale, form, materials, functionality, and beauty while looking at art.”

maxwell museums

“A fascinating interplay between Caro and Soane… functional materials are elevated into the realm of aesthetics.”

ICON Magazine

“An aesthetic collision not to be missed.”

Veronica Simpson
Studio International
  • “The best London art exhibitions to see in March 2023” — Wallpaper*
  • “The Top Exhibitions To See In London: March 2023” — LONDONIST
  • “The hottest exhibition to launch this spring in Britain” — The Globe and Mail
  • “March: Out Picks of the Month” — Apollo Magazine
  • “April Art Scene” — House and Garden
  • “Art Exhibitions in London to Check Out in 2023” — Country & Town House
  • “ART & COLLECTING/Diary” — Design Anthology UK

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